Invent Development Partners was founded in 2014 by Jon Dwight and Michael Badger to develop residential, mixed use and hospitality real estate development projects and investments in up-and-coming urban and iconic resort destinations.   

Extensive Experience 

We bring together nearly a century of experience in all aspects of real state development and that experience is as diverse and impressive as the projects we deliver.  

Perfect Size 

With the systems and processes of a large firm, combined with the nimbleness and responsiveness of a small entrepreneurial company, we are perfectly sized to bring you the level of expertise and client-centered service that you expect and your project deserves.

We Visualize. We Communicate. We Implement. 

Invent is always on the hunt for the best new real estate opportunities for our partners, our investors and our customers. Our constant focus is on sound investments based on solid fundamentals.  

Once we have identified an opportunity, we carefully scrutinize the market from all angles and implement proven underwriting principles and financing structures to maximize the investment. We identify key stakeholders who will help ensure our success and build solid relationships with them. We then engage the best possible design and construction team for each specific project that will turn our initial vision into reality. Finally, we employ effective marketing and sales programs to bring the project to a successful conclusion.   

We don’t sell real estate. We create lifestyles.  

Our projects incorporate timeless, functional designs that embrace their environment, unite people and leave lasting impressions on all who step foot into them.   

Our residential developments create a relaxing sense of place through the creative and unique use of materials and design. Our homes become an oasis of stylish calm in the midst of hurried urban or residential landscapes.  

Our resort developments nurture a sense of adventure and invite guests to let go, relax and connect with other guests and their environment.   

Our Services

 We provide the following services as principals or on a fee bases:

  • Development of ground-up real estate development projects from initial market identification and strategy to land acquisition and entitlements to design and construction to sales and marketing

  • Repositioning of existing real estate whether it be a complete redevelopment of the property or simply a makeover

  • Real estate development consulting

  •  Construction management consulting and owner’s rep services

  •  Workout solutions on distressed properties for principals and lenders